Designing a Christmas Shawl

I have decided that this next year I want to design and publish a shawl pattern (no surprise there!).  Earlier this year I tried designing a cowl but that turned out to be a miserable failure.  But now it is time to try again and stick with things I know, lace shawls.

I got three gorgeous skeins from the yarn store Huldra Husflid og Kunsthandverk in Flåm, Norway.  This is an amazing store, full of awesome yarn and I think I bought around 30 skeins there.  It is a great store.  Anyways, I loved the Christmas colors together and knew I wanted a Christmas shawl out of them.

The yarn is called Hjerte Superwash, a 100% wool heavy fingering made by Hifa.  I love this yarn.  I have already made a shawl and a baby blanket out of it. It’s beautiful and works up great! If you are in Norway, I highly recommend you get some.  When I go back to Norway, I am going to have to stock up again.


Yet, it has been two years since I was in Norway, as another Christmas rolls around, I still haven’t found the right pattern for my yarn.  Finally, it dawned on me, I need to make my own pattern.  So I have started the process of designing my first Christmas shawl!


I am using OneNote, which has been really helpful so far.  I like that I can type where ever, add pictures, screenshots, files, highlight, and draw!  It has been really helpful in my quest to design, because it keeps me organized in one place and I can easily replace ideas I had with new ideas.  I also like seeing how my ideas evolve over time from simple to more complex.

Right now I have run into a little snag.  I need to figure out how to simulate bind off stitches in lace work.  It’s probably a simple decrease but I haven’t quite figured it out yet and so it is time to do some swatching until I find the perfect combination!    Wish me luck!  Or even better, leave a comment below about what decreases you would use!


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