Jet Plane Time

Well it is early in the morning. I’m waiting for my plane to board. I’m had my passport checked. I’ve been through security without having to go through the body scanner. A big plus for me. One less naked picture of me on the TSA servers.  I made a fatal mistake though. There are no starbucks on the other side of security. It would have been worth it to delay going through security for one last starbucks.

This mistake also cost me $32. Why? Well I went into one of those airport stores to buy a drink and some food. However, there were also books in this store. I’m a book addict (along with being a knitting addict) and even though I loaded my phone with crappy free Kindle novels, nothing compares to the classics. Or new classics. So when I saw not one but two books I had to have, I caved.  I know own two more books to tote with me around Europe.


I can’t help it. And I haven’t read either yet so now was as good as time as any.

Also note, I also decided to bring along mt shawl for my class. It’s was a last minute decision where I caved to my inner pack rat. But I am surprising light. Ussually I’m fighting to stay under 50 pounds but no problems for me this time. 

So I’m working on my lilac wish shawl until I board in 10 minutes. See below.


If I work on something else I’ll update you in Montreal!

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